Music is a portal that allows you to connect with other people and with yourself. Learning to play the piano is so much more than running through exercises. It can help you to unwind from a long day and channel your energy into something creative and beautiful.

My teaching method is strongly rooted in classical repertoire, yet I also encourage my students to explore other genres such as jazz, blues, rock, pop music or whatever they are drawn to. I make it my upmost priority that my students enjoy the music that they’re playing.

Piano lessons cover the foundations of music, which include technique, theory, ear-training, and sight-reading. I also like incorporating activities that the students love such as composition, playing duets and utilizing new learning technology. Each lesson is customized, and I craft the curriculum to fit the student and handpick the music that best fits their needs. I always strive to adjust my teaching approach to the students’ personality which in turn brings an ongoing positive energy to each and every session!

Recitals are held twice a year and are designed to be a fun and positive experience for the students and their families. As a teacher, I strive to create a nurturing learning environment and foster a sense of joy and love for the piano! I strongly believe that the longer a person studies music, the more confident, independent, and well-rounded they will become.